Frequently Asked Questions

Q--Do I need to play with a metronome, and for how long does each practice last?
A--I recommend playing with a metronome once you have some basic skills in strums and arpeggios, BUT quality is more important than quantity!! DON'T practice more than 5-10 min with a metronome in each practice session, and when you are practicing with it, try to be focused and as one with the tempo.
I also recommend playing with a drum machine; that way, you will also get a sense of the groove.

Q--I'm a total beginner, I would like to start taking lessons on electric guitar is it OK?
A--Yes! You can start playing electric guitar right away. But there are a few things you need to consider first. Electric guitars usually cost a bit more, and even though you can buy some less expensive models, I would not recommend them. Also, you need to buy an amplifier; playing without it is like driving a car with no wheels... Depending on the style that you want to learn, acoustic or nylon string guitar will be a much better choice for classical and folk music.

​Q--I'm not a kid anymore, and I have a business and family to take care of, how much time do I need to practice the guitar?
A--This is a question that people ask me a lot! Guitar lessons can be for adults as well, but still you will need to dedicate some time in order for us to make progress. I can't say how much time exactly because for each and every one of us it's different. The basic rule is that the more time you will practice, the better you will get. Having said that... for the start, 15–20 minutes four to five times a week should be enough.

Q--Why is it so important to learn some basic strum patterns?
A--Basic strums are simple rhythm patterns, and by repeating those rhythms and learning them by heart, you will start to develop a sense of rhythm to the BEAT OF THE SONG and not to the rhythm of the melody (often being the singing part).

​Q--How can I make the most of the practice?
A--Before you start to practice your guitar, take a minute or two and think about what you really need to go over and what your "weak spots" are. Make a note of that and try to divide your time correctly for these subjects. You can start the practice by warming up if you need to, and then start practicing the hardest subject first. You should leave the fun part to the end of the practice, like stretching your muscles after exercises. Play some songs that you know and which are easier for you.

​Q--Do I need to buy a guitar before the first lesson, and what kind?
A--You don't have to buy a guitar right away. Take the first lesson, see if you like it, ask all the questions you want, and we can decide together which brand and type of guitar you should get.

Q--Do I need to bring my guitar to the lessons?
A--No, you don't need to! I have all kinds of guitars in both my studios, and you are welcome to play them. If you would like to bring the guitar for the first lesson, I will check to see if it is in tune and in a good setup; you are more than welcome. I recommend that beginner students bring their own guitar; you will get used to it, and you will play better, but of course, only if it's okay with you.

Q-- I'm left-handed; what shall I do?
A--If you haven't "touched" a guitar, I would recommend first trying it as a right-handed guitar player, especially if you're planning to take private acoustic guitar lessons. I have a lot of left-handed students who are playing (very well) right-handed.
There are plenty of advantages to learning how to play right-handed. There are more guitar options, so you won't need to take your guitar everywhere; you can share your guitar with others, etc.

Q-- Can I learn how to play and sing?
A--Yes of course! Playing and singing is fun and most pleasing, BUT has to be taught right so you can develop good rhythm and avoid those pesky bad pitch problems. I work really hard and close with students to perfect it.

Q--Where are the Guitar lessons taking place?
A-- My Home studio is located in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Very close to a subway station, but it can also be in your home.
I also have another studio in Midtown, NY, if you prefer to have lessons in Manhattan and not at your home.
Make sure you include your address in the contact info.

Q--What are the rates for the guitar lessons?
A-- A lesson in the Brooklyn location costs $75 an hour, and in Manhattan, traveling costs $120 an hour. Please give us at least 24 hours to cancel