Beginners Guitar Lessons

So you've decided to start playing guitar, and that is exciting!!!
I will never forget my first day with my electric guitar (35 years ago).
On this beginner's guitar lessons page, I'll give you some points and tips so you will have an easy start and be less overwhelmed.
As a beginner, you should set a time frame in each day to practice. Even though you don't have to practice every day, it will be wise to do so at the beginning.
You will let your fingers and brain get used to the idea, and in a few days, you will see that it will be a lot easier and much more fun.
Of course, I can't write everything you will learn, but here are some points that we will start with.

1. Components of the guitar.
2. Basic notes and learning the fretboard, again, just the idea.
3. Some basic chords and what is a chord.
4. Very important definitions like Interval, low and high in music, sharp and flat symbols.
5. Rhythm, beat, and strums.

If you still don't have a guitar and not sure which one to buy, don't worry. In the first lesson we will decide together, after, that having a guitar is a must.

It is important to have a manuscript book and bring it to each lesson. I'll write everything for you, and it will be wise from time to time to refresh and relearn the material and/or the stuff you forgot. Practicing is the key! Learn to enjoy the practice; I never and still do not call it practice; when I'm practicing, I'm creating music ! (even if it is sometimes not really musical) The important thing is to enjoy.

Think about it this way: if you practice 15 minutes, that's 15 minutes better than what you were! Always have goals in front of you; some should be for the near future, some as dreams, and take it one step at a time. Good luck with your journey, and have fun. Your guitar will be your best friend. Trust me, when you are sad, happy, or just want to say something, it will be there for you as a beginner or advanced.

Guitar Exercises

Diatonic Intervals

A guitar tab with the notes of a song.

In this guitar lesson, we will try to spice up a Major scale practice by harmonizing each degree. The intervals we will use are the minor and the major 6th. It's great to create nice lines in Country, Blues, and Folk. Try to come up with some cool ideas using this method; it is worth the practice!

Major Scale Practice

A guitar playing with notes and music notation.

Here is a great private guitar lesson about how to practice major scale positions or any other scale. This way, you will not only practice the positions on the guitar and how to cross between them fluently, but also practice very basic rhythm patterns. Make sure you practice with a drum machine or a metronome; start with a slow BPM ​(beats per minute) and climb from there. More free electric guitar lessons can be viewed on the YouTube page.

String Skippin'

A guitar playing with notes and numbers

Here is a fun string skipping guitar exercise. It's based on the lovely Pentatonic Scale with the b5, some musicians are calling it the blues scale. Try to use the legato technique (hammer on and pull off) for a smoother feel.