About the Guitar Teacher NYC

Udi stays in high demand around New York City as a session player and lead guitarist. 

​After 10 years in the smooth jazz genre, composing more than 30 jazz songs and 3 major radio single hits Udi decided it's time for a change and released his first ROCK instrumental CD called Sudden Transition, followed shortly by another hit record Addictive Substance, which landed him an entry into the Best Rock Album Grammy nomination category in 2018.

'I have always wanted to accomplish that... and I've decided that it’s now or never. It was really fun and challenging to stretch my musical horizons. And even though rock music was always around the corner, I had to be focused on smooth jazz for a while to establish myself as an artist...but not anymore and I think all of my fans will be very pleased to see my other side.

Now I'm not just a smooth jazz artist but A GUITAR PLAYER!...no strings attached and no musical boundaries.' After great success with his debut CD, Udi released another smooth jazz CD 'Ahava'. The single 'Moment we touch' has reached the top 10 in smooth jazz charts. 

Udi went on tour, covering NYC, Chicago, Boston and Reno NV. His first release 'Smooth Jazz Tales', received great acclaim and has been placed among the top 50 on smooth jazz charts and Music Choice cable channel in just 3 months. 

​His single 'As Simple as That' had climbed the charts steadily along with top smooth jazz artists: Tower of Power and Paul Jackson Jr. Years of discipline and exploration with the guitar have led him to many genres of music and international acclaim. His effortless playing and passionate performances have wooed audiences around the globe from Maplewoodstock Festival in NJ and Aviv Festival in Miami, to his impressive invitation to play for former President of Israel Ezer Weizman. With the help of ASL Media and Promotion, Udi has recorded radio spots to introduce the UK smooth jazz circuit JazzNet 247 and WJAB 90.0 FM. Udi has traveled extensively with his guitar to try his hand in various genres from hard rock to blues and jazz.

Education/Music Training

1999-2001 Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. 

​1990-1999 Private Guitar Lessons, studied with Steve Paskof.

​(Berklee College of Music Alumni), Hadar Merav, David Golek and Rami Klien.

Teaching Experience

2007 - currently - Guitar Teacher in the JCH Bensonhurst Brooklyn NY.

1997 - currently - Private Teacher in guitar fundamentals, has worked with over 400 students around the world, currently in Brooklyn NY or in Manhattan NYC.

​2001 - 2004 - Head of the guitar department at Effrat.

2002 - 2004 - Taught a Master Class on styles and techniques of guitar playing at Kley-Zemer.

2003 - 2004 - Guitar instructor for kids at Bet-Hakerem Community Center.

​2001 - 2003 - Taught Jazz & Rock theory  and lessons at Kiriat-Noar Yeshiva.

Teaching Expirince.

1999-2001 Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

​1990-1999 Private Guitar Lessons, studied with Steve Paskof.

​(Berklee College of Music Alumni), Hadar Merav, David Golek and Rami Klien.

On Stage 

Udi has been performing with his own band, the Udi Levy's Trio in New York and US best jazz and rock venues such as Bitter End, Cutting Room, Kenny's and more.

Udi is also a busy session player, visit his personal website for performing schedule. 

Udi Levy's Official Website

Dont forget to check Udi's official webpage listen to his music in Rock and Jazz.